Connect with macro influencers your influencer marketing strategy

Tap into the Capssion influencer community & tech to kick off and automate your influencer marketing strategy


Create your brief according to your needs

List products you want influencers to feature.

With Capssion you can create alternatives and offer influencers the perfect selection of items for their role in your program.

Feeling lazy? Capssion integrates fully with Shopify to form one do-it-all influencer marketing and product fulfillment hub and makes your life easier

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Receive proposals from influencers

Influencers apply to your campaign with:

  • their fee
  • what they plan to do
  • some examples of their previous collaboration
  • Review the content before it goes live

    You're in control, influencers will submit their content before putting it live to get your approval. You can suggest edits if you spot typos & errors!

    We'll release payment to the influencer after the content goes live!

    accept or decline content
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    Identify macro influencers

    Connect with influencers with a huge following base to support your campaign on social media and deliver your message.

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    Negotiate your rates

    Get rates from influencers to participate in your project, select the best profiles based on your budget.

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    Benefits from top exposure

    Get endorsed by macro influencers and get hundreds of thousands of potential buyers to see your product(s) in action!