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Tap into the Capssin influencer community & tech to kick off and automate your influencer marketing strategy

Add product(s) you'd like to get features

List products you want creators to feature.

With Capssion you can create alternatives and offer creators the perfect selection of items for their role in your program.

Feeling lazy? Capssion integrates fully with Shopify to form one do-it-all influencer marketing and product fulfillment hub and makes your life easier

add products to your campaign
Send out product without leaving Capssion

Yep, weโ€™ve even got shipping covered: once you've accepted creators in your campaign, you can send your product to them super easily!

Fulfill product and track it all the way to delivery using our product fulfillment tool.

Monitor your collaborations' status

How many creators are waiting for their product? How many are packages are in transit? How many have received your products? How many have posted? That's a lot of questions right...

Capssion gives you the vibility you need!

monitor collaborations
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Grow your brand awareness

A happy customer is the one that returns and recommends your brand. With constructive reviews that will be reassuring, sincere, diverse and detailed from your consumers, you will generate more sales.

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Build trust

The more you give consumers a voice, the more reviews you will get to develop yourself and improve your brand image. Whether is nano-influencers or "regular" consumers, they like to get recognition.

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Create tons of content

Creators will create multiple publications taking your brief into account. Once it's live, you can turn those publications into an ads or get the content rights to include them into your content strategy.