Invite Influencers to You Event

Throw an event for influencers to interact with your brand or have them cover one of your brand events.

Give your event the visibility boost it deserves

Running an event is one of the best ways for these influencers to really understand what your brand is about: Real life experiences communicate better the values of your brand.

With good experiences come good memories, and good memories result in great Instagram posts. Creating an enjoyable and fun experience for creators will be an opportunity for them to generate content online and create some serious FOMO for those watching their Instagram Stories.

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Connect with your ambassadors

Strengthen your relationship with your ambassadors and connect on a more personal level: online relationships bloom offline!

Get a chance to discuss with your creators, get their feedback and brainstorm your next operations!

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Grow Awareness

Running an influencer marketing campaign about an upcoming event will provide you with broad coverage, not only during the event but also before and after it.

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Create more excitement

Events require more than just curiosity and attention. When awareness is established, the next logical step is to engage the audience. With the help of influencers, youโ€™ll be able to build buzz around your event, which can, in turn, generate more engagement.

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Connect with your Creators

Provide an engaging experience and meet your creators. Discuss, get some feedbacks, there's a lot to do.