Plans & Subscriptions

Simple and transparent pricing

20% commission

on payouts of successful collaborations

(and that's it!)

Signing up on Capssion (for free), you get:

01_ Unlimited Campaigns


Create your brief and what you'd like to get from influencers.

List your campaign(s) in every market you are interested in and invite influencers you'd love to work with, or let them come to you!

02_ Unlimited Collaborations


Review applications from influencers and decide who you'd like to work with.

Collaborate with as many as you'd like to make a bang on social networks!

03_ Data Collection


We collect all the publications created for you by influencers in one place, even stories.

You'll also have a report with all the key metrics for each of your campaigns (reach, impressions, engagement, EMV etc.)

04_ Payout Management


We handle the payment to influencers so that you don't have to.

We act a trusted third-party: we release the payment if (and only if) the influencers have completed their task(s). Else, the money goes back to your account.

05_ Repurpose the content


Make the most out of the content generated for you and ask the influencers to give a second life to their publications

Need Support & More?



for USD 199 / month, and get more:

Perfect for marketer that needs features and data to help source influencers, approve content, measure performance and execute campaigns seamlessly across the year.

01_ Account Management


Get an account manager to improve the performance of your marketing programs with a monthly e-meeting

02_ Competitor Reports


Get up to 3 competitor reports every month.

Monitor what the competition does and learn from the best.

03_ Small Teams


Invite up to 5 of your colleagues to manage you influencer marketing programs easily


Big team

for USD 999 / month, and get more:

Perfect for marketing team or agencies with ongoing influencer activity & digital content needs: collaborate effortlessly, & achieve greater performance.

01_ Multi Brands Account


Manage multiple accounts in one place, typically for service enablers, agencies and aggregators.

02_ Priority Support


Get priority support with your key account manager and optimize your influencer marketing programs efficiently

03_ Big Teams


Invite up to 20 of your colleagues to manage you influencer marketing programs easily

Need custom stuff?

We'd be happy to discuss!

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Every journey starts with:

  • Support during your first several weeks on the platform
  • Always on access to our training and development hub
managed services icon

Managed Services

An extension of your team:

  • Management of your team’s goals, objectives and vision
  • Execution at every stage: launch, act, learn
creative services icon

Creative Services

In-house creative services team to help you:

  • Plan and activate across social platforms
  • Analyze performance and make future creative recommendations
  • Educate you on social trends and industry news