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Whatever your concept of fashion is, what’s utterly inescapable is that it’s important to everyone. Whether conforming or not, following trends or otherwise, its influence on the world can’t be missed. However, that’s not to say that its’ impact can’t become far greater either. At Capssion we have the team, expertise and knowledge of the network to provide unrivalled impact for fashion brands around the world.

We work with up and coming names in the fashion world, and instantly recognisable brands like Adidas and Maison Margiela, enhancing their appeal to new and existing audiences online.

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The most relevant fashion influencers

We rely on artificial intelligence to analyze a very large number of profiles and the quality of their audience. More than 130k micro and nano-influencers are registered on our influencer platform. We automatically and accurately identify credible influencers and rule out cheaters.

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One step ahead from your competitors

By collaborating with beauty influencers who share your values, you will be able to innovate and stand out from your competitors. Capssion helps you find them and accompanies you throughout your influencer campaign.

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Save time and money

With Capssion, you'll save time and increase your collaborations with influencers in the beauty world thanks to machine learning and the automation of multiple tasks. We also provide you with exclusive information and logistical support so that you can focus on the essential aspects of your campaigns.