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1/ What is Capssion?

Capssion is a platform connecting brands with Southeast Asian influencers to generate sponsored content worth sharing.

2/ What is a Creator?

At Capssion, we define a Creator as someone that generates high quality content on social media on regular basis and that manages to reach a strong followers community.

3/ Who are the brands we work with at Capssion?

We work with brands from all over the world, selling in Southeast Asia or looking to sell in Southeast Asia.

4/ Does Capssion operate everywhere?

Capssion operates currently in 7 Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia & Hong Kong.

5/ How does it work?

Once the campaign brief has been created by the brand, it will go live on our App. Creators can start submitting their Creation (only images for now, but videos and stories are coming soon) with their fee. Brands then have to review the Creations received, and purchase the ones they like. It can take less than 24h from the moment a campaign is created to the moment the first Creation gets published!

6/ How much does it cost to use the platform Capssion?

We are a marketplace connecting Brands and Creators. It doesn't cost a dollar for Creators to join the platform and participate in campaign. It doesn't cost anything for the Brands to list a campaign on our platform either. Brands only pays the fee of the Creation, decided by the Creator based on his follower base, and a commission charged by Capssion.

7/ Who owns the content once published on social media?

The content is owned by the Creator even after the Brand pays to have it published. Brands can

8/ Which Capssion device should I use?

If you are a Brand, everything happens on our website! You can manage your influencer marketing campaign from A to Z: set your creative brief, select the Creations you like, monitor their performance. Of course, we encourage you to download our App on the AppStore (and very soon on the Google Store) to check live examples! If you are a Creator, we have made it easy for you, and you just have to download our App on the AppStore to browse the current Campaigns running, submit your Creation and its fee for approval and get paid!

9/ When will Capssion expand on other Social Media Platforms?

We are working hard to have the other main Social Media platforms live on Capssion!

1/ How do I launch a campaign as a brand ?

Just sign up as a brand on Once logged-in, just click on “Create a new campaign” and start briefing our thousands of Southeast Asian creators with a simple 4-step campaign creation.

2/ Is there a sign-up or subscription fee?

Capssion is a free-to-use platform. You won’t be charged a cent for creating campaigns on Capssion. Once your campaign is live, creators from all over Southeast Asia will start submitting stunning content to you attached with a price. And you will only pay for the ones you like. Capssion applies a 25% fee (including content management and payment fees) on each successful transaction.

3/ Is there a minimum spent on Capssion?

At Capssion, there is no minimum spent. You can list your campaign and let content creators submit their posts. You will only pay for the ones you like and reject the others.

4/ In which countries are located our content creators?

Our content creators are spread over seven key South East Asian countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam & Hong Kong.

5/ Can I use the App as a brand?

No. As a brand, you only have to use our web portal to sign up, list, manage & track your campaigns

6/ Can I schedule a campaign in advance?

Yes, when you list your campaign, you can decide when your campaign will be live on the app, and when the posts will have to go live on Instagram.

7/ How does a content creator participate to my campaign?

Once your campaign is approved by Capssion team, our thousands of content creators will see your campaign live on our iOS and Android Apps.

8/ How does a content creator get my product to post about it?

When listing your campaign, do not forget to provide an URL or a shop location for content creators to purchase your product or experience your service, so they can generate genuine content you want them to. Because we care about authenticity at Capssion, content creators have to buy the products they want to advocate for.

9/ Why is no content creator submitting posts to my campaigns?

Make sure you campaign is appealing to content creators. The quality of the photos you upload as well as a detailed brief is key to receiving stunning content from multiple content creators.

10/ How do I select the content creators I want to work with?

Once your campaign is live on our app, content creators will start submitting their content to you. You will then be able to approve or reject the post they submit to you within your campaign portal. If you click on the content creator’s handle, you will have a detailed profile page given to you.

11/ How do I know a content creator is worth the fee he is requesting?

We provide a maximum price to content creators based on the quality of their content as well as their follower base. Thus, the prices the content creators will request will be in line with the market value.

12/ How can I be certain I’m not paying to reach fake followers on instagram?

At Capssion, authenticity is at the core of our mission statement. While we constantly curate the influencers joining our platform, we also provide a set of profile data (including the key engagement metrics) so that you can assess the quality of the community they represent purely based on their account metrics.

13/ Can I ensure a content creator doesn’t promote one of my competitor?

Content creators are not required to sign any exclusivity agreement at sign-up.

14/ How long does a Creator have to keep their post live once published?

In our Terms & Conditions, we impose that the paid content generated stay live for a minimum of 30 days on the content creator’s feed. Note: If it is a story, it’ll stay for 24h as a regular Instagram story lifetime.

15/ How do I know how successful my campaign is?

Once it goes live, you will be able to track the success of your campaign based on key metrics we provide in your campaign dashboard.

1/ How do I participate in a campaign?

Make sure you have downloaded the App, and synced your Instagram account in your profile first. You can then browse through the brands campaigns, find the one you like, and submit your creation along with your own rate.

2/ How long does it take for a brand to review my submitted content?

Brands will generally take from a few hours up to 2 business days to review and accept or decline your creation.

3/ How do I get paid once my post is published?

In your Profile, go to the Payment section and insert the details of your preferred payment channel (either Bank transfer or PayPal).

4/ How long does it take for me to get paid?

Once the content is published on your Instagram, it will take up to seven days for Capssion to collect, verify and transfer the money to your preferred payment channel. If you haven’t received your payment past that time frame, please email us at

5/ How do I know I have been accepted by the brand for a given campaign?

On the mobile application, go to “Post”. You will be able to see the status of all your submissions. They will either be “pending review”, “rejected”, “approved” or “published”. Pending review means that the brand hasn't made a choice yet. Rejected means that the brand did not want your creation to be part of its campaigns (it can be because of the price, because the budget ran out or because your Creation did not fit well in the campaign). Approved means that the brands liked you Creation and purchased it: you only have to publish it to get paid. Published means that your Creation has been published and that we are about to transfer your fee if not done yet!

6/ Where should I submit the content I generate?

On the mobile application, go to the campaign you want to generate content for, click on “submit creation” and simulate the post as if you were posting on Instagram. Don't forget to add your own rate!

7/ When should I post on my Instagram?

In general, you need to publish your Creation on your channel when engagement with your community is the highest. The brand might have specified a posting date/period in the campaign brief. If it is the case, please respect those posting conditions in order to get paid.

8/ Can a brand reject my content?

Yes, a brand can reject the content you submit for various reasons: the creation did not follow the guidelines of the brand, the brands budget ran out, your fee was too high for the brand.

9/ How much money should I charge per post, video or story?

For every post you submit, we will recommend ballpark rates based on the number of followers you have. This is a only suggestion to help you set your own rates.

10/ What happens if I purchase the brand’s product, generate & submit my post and then get rejected?

You should purchase products from brands that are true to who you are. It is in the brand’s right to reject your content, even if you have purchased their product.

11/ How do I get the products listed on the campaign to post about them?

The brand will always provide you a shop link or address where you can purchase the mentioned product. You should be able to find the information in the campaign brief

12/ Can brands negotiate prices with me directly?

No, we believe that a content creator’s prices should not be negotiated under the maximum cap that Capssion team provides.

13/ In which currency should I list my content prices?

All prices should be listed in $ USD.

14/ In which currency do I get paid?

You will be paid at spot rate from USD to your local country currency at the day of payment. To make sure the rates we provide to brands are uniform, we ask you to list your rates in USD.

15/ Can the brand use the content I generate?

The brand doesn’t own the content you generate for them. They will only be able to re-use it on their Instagram but not for commercial purposes under their own account.

16/ Can I sell my content rights to the brand?

We are currently working on a solution for the brands to fully purchase the content rights of your posts.