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We've collected the main questions you typically ask us. Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find the answer you're looking for!

Capssion started its operation in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia among all), but the community of creators and influencers have grown dramatically in North America (United States, Canada), as well as in Australia and in the United Kingdom. If you need to activate another country, feel free to contact us!

Unless you follow them on social media, you most likely won't. But rest assured, their audience knows who they are, which is why they've accumulated such a large community who love their content.

Just go to and we'll walk you through our 5 easy steps.

Hand picking influencers is like trying to target individual buyers on Amazon. Instead, Capssion is a true marketplace, designed for unprecedented scale. Influencers can browse your campaign, and if they are interested in your gig, they'll apply! We'll provide all the info you need to click through to their social profiles and assess their suitability.

It's important for a brand to look through the engagement of influencers who make offers. Accounts with fake followers are easy to determine from almost no interaction, or social profiles filled with spam. If we identify an influencer with fake followers, we'll remove them from our platform.

Not at all. Because we don't mind who posts a campaign on behalf of the brand, we work very closely with agencies of all shapes and sizes to help them perform their jobs with greater impact and efficiency.

Sure, feel free to browse the influencers' social accounts to see what level of engagement they're achieving. We also display their average engagement alongside every submission if available.

We're yet to launch this feature, but appreciate a brand's need for more sophisticated audience targeting. You'll soon be able to filter beyond an influencer to target precise demographics of their audience.

Brands have less control in social influencer campaigns compared with traditional media. Influencers have developed a unique dialect with their community over thousands of personal interactions. These can include everything from bad grammar to amateur photography, and despite it not appearing like premium content, the value of a post is measured by audience interaction and the influencer's credibility. That still doesn't mean the post is a right fit for your brand, so choose carefully and feel free to 'Suggest Changes' to the influencer if you value them, but not the post.

This is totally subjective, but if you ask us... it's the fun part. How you measure the value of a post may come down to the creativity of the content, the familiarity of the influencer, the size and engagement of their community, and how well they fit your brand.

Be patient. It may take at least a week for campaigns to receive influencer submissions. If after a week you still have no response, we suggest you re-craft your campaign or widen the influencer search filters you’ve selected.

Any usage other than reposting organically on the same social platform the post was published on.

No, however it’s an effective way to increase credibility and engagement.