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1/ What is Capssion?

Capssion is a platform connecting brands with Southeast Asian influencers to generate content (product reviews, sponsored posts etc.) on social media.

2/ Who are the Influencers?

At Capssion, we are proud to nurture a community of 5,000+ influencers, all manually vetted based on quantitative criteria (followers base, engagement), but also based on qualitative criteria (quality and type of content). They all have a strong voice in their community and skills to keep their followers engaged. They generates amazing content on Instagram and on Youtube, and they have strong Southeast Asian roots!

3/ Which brands can list their products on Capssion?

We work with brands that have a few things in common. First, they know the power of social media and word-of-mouth. Next, they understand that pushing their own branded content to consumers is not as efficient as letting influencers share about their message. Finally, they sell their products in Southeast Asia.

4/ Where does Capssion operate?

Capssion currently operates in 3 Southeast Asian countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and will open soon 4 more countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines & Vietnam.

5/ How does it work?

It's an easy 4 steps process. First, brands create campaigns with the products they are willing to give away to influencers. They can suggest the type of content they'd like to see and give details about their brand. Next, influencers will request the products they'd like to review on their social media feed, and share their profile to convince the brands to collaborate with them. Then, brands will select the influencers they are willing to collaborate with and send them the products. Last, influencers test the product and share their review with their community.

6/ Which Social Media Platforms does Capssion support?

Capssion currently supports Instagram and Youtube. But we are looking to add more social media platforms, so... stay tuned!

7/ Who owns the content once published on social media?

The content is and will always be owned by the Creator. However, content generated on Instagram can be "regramed" by the brand account with prior consent of the influencer.

1/ What is Earned Media?

In your marketing strategy, you should have different kind of content to reach your customers. Traditionally, we talk about owned media (the content you share on your different channels, including your website, your Facebook page, etc), paid media (what you spend on Facebook Ads for instance), and earned media (when people generate content about your brand without any transactions involved). Earned media is becoming very strategic these days as customers trust more than anything reviews from their peers.

2/ What is Earned Media Value (EMV)?

The Earned Media Value of a piece of content generated by one of our influencers is the amount you would have spent on Advertising Platforms (Facebook Ads for instance), to generate those interactions (likes, comments, shares, views). It's an estimation based on the Cost Per Click, Cost per Views, Cost per Like, Cost per comments of those Ad Platforms.

3/ How do I sign up?

Click on request a demo and one of our key account manager will get in touch with you within 48 hours to have a better understanding of your needs and offer you a tailored solution.

4/ How do I share about my brand?

In your brand's store section, you will be able to share details about your brand: your brand name of course, a short description to explain your brand's main message and mission, your brand's official social media page links. You will also have to add a logo and a banner. This provides our influencers with the relevant information about your brand and will be useful to make accurate reviews on your products.

5/ What is a campaign on Capssion?

A campaign is a marketing tool on the Capssion platform. It allows you to promote, via a customized advertising message, a product or a service to a specific targeting of influencers during a specific period of time. A campaign is what a brand offers on the Capssion Platform and what you can see from your brand dashboard

6/ How do I create a campaign?

The whole process usually takes 15min. In order to create a campaign, you will need to: list the products you are willing to give away, share your hashtags and tags, provide a promo code if you have one, suggest the type of content you'd like to see. Each campaign is country specific and you can select as many social platforms as you want.

7/ Can I select multiple social platforms?

Yes, you can select Youtube and Instagram to get requests from influencers from those 2 social media platforms.

8/ Can I use Capssion to increase my virality

In the campaign section, you can add hashtags and handles (mentions on Instagram) so that the influencers can insert them in their review.

9/ Can I add suggestions in my campaigns?

Yes, you can add suggestions you'd like influencers to follow when creating their review for your product. These suggestions are also a space to educate influencers on your brand image and on the message you're looking for them to deliver on social media.

10/ How do I manage my requests?

You will be able to approve or reject requests from your Collaboration dashboard. To help you decide, we share the influencer profile (social media performance, social media content, personal profile).

11/ What are my shipping options?

Capssion currently offers 2 shipping options: Fulfill by Capssion, Self shipping. Get in touch with our sales team to know more.

12/ How long does the influencer have to produce a review?

Infuencers have 21 days to share their review on their social media feed after they have received the products.

13/ How long does a Creator have to keep their post live once published?

In our Terms & Conditions, we impose that the paid content generated stay live for a minimum of 30 days on the content creator’s feed.

Note: If it is a story, it’ll stay for 24h as a regular Instagram story lifetime.

14/ How do I know how successful my campaign is?

Once it goes live, you will be able to track the success of your campaign based on key metrics we provide in your campaign dashboard.

1/ What's Capssion for Influencers?

Capssion makes trying products to review with your Instagram and/or Youtube channel easy! Try out amazing beauty, fashion and lifestyle products of your choice from some of the best brands for free, and never compromise on your creative freedom! All we ask is that you share your honest, authentic opinion on the products you test.

2/ What are the requirements to join?

If you’re an influencer and want to join our community, here is the required criteria :

  • have an active and public Instagram or Youtube account,
  • at least 1,000 subscribers or 5,000 followers,
  • have consistent engagement ratio
  • your content must be focused on beauty, fashion or lifestyle.
  • your content needs to be original.

3/ Can I connect multiple social accounts?

Capssion is available on multiple social platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. If you are already a registered user on Capssion, but have an account on another platform that is eligible to Capssion, you may connect your other account to gain access to even more products at once!

4/ Which countries is Capssion currently shipping to?

Capssion currently operates in 3 Southeast Asian countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and will open soon 4 more countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines & Vietnam.

5/ How do I request a free product?

Once you have been approved, you will have 3 tokens, allowing you to request up to 3 products at the same time. Just use them to request the products you'd love to receive and review for your community.

6/ How do I know my request have been approved?

On your iOs App, or on the Desktop Version, you will see that your Request status has changed to "Approved", and then to "Shipped" once the brand has shipped your item out.

7/ How long until I have to submit my review?

Once you’ve received your product, we recommend you post your review within 14 days.

8/ How long does my review need to be live?

You need to keep your review online for at least 30 days after publishing it. This will allow both the brand and your viewers to see the content you worked so hard to create.

9/ Where should I submit the content I generated?

On the iOs Application or on the Desktop version, go to your request (Shipped Status) and click on the "Add Media" button. Please note that you can submit more than 1 piece of content.

10/ Can the brand use the content I generate?

The brand doesn’t own the content you generate for them. They will only be able to re-use it on their Instagram but not for commercial purposes and only under their own account.

11/ Can I sell my content rights to the brand?

We are currently working on a solution for the brands to fully purchase the content rights of your posts.