Authentic influencer marketing

In influencer marketing, authenticity is everything

Real, genuine relationships are the key to effective influencer marketing. Capssion is designed to help you build them, one influencer at a time.

Too many brands believe they can buy trust

How many times have you watch a picture or a video with a celebrity promoting a product that you are sure they don't use or don't believe in? It feels fake and inauthentic, right? Unfortunately, many brands today think they can shortcut trust.

The reality is, consumers don’t hate influencers—they just hate being sold a lie.

The influencer marketing model is broken

The root cause of the failure of influencer marketing stems from what we call the “middleman” model. Here's why:

Traditional influencer marketing platforms and agencies play the role of middlemen and gatekeepers. They’re incentivized to find ANY influencer willing to promote something in exchange for cash, they hike the cost of the service, and they often fail to pass on useful information.

Basically, there is absolutely no thoughts given as to whether or not the influencers actually believe in the product or service they are asked to promote.

What's the results? Untrustworthy content. At best, this transactional approach ruins the benefits of influencer marketing. At worst, it can lead to terrible consequences for the brand.

Middlemen & Gatekeepers preventing a smooth collaboration between brands and influencers

Build direct relationships to inspire honest endorsement

Trusted endorsements are the backbone of effective influencer marketing. But if you can’t buy do you build it?

The same way you do in real life: Through cultivating genuine relationships—directly, not through a middleman. At Capssion we call this approach human-touch at scale. Brands need to see influencers not as a transaction, but as a real connection.

Trust should be a key pillar of your (digital) marketing strategy

Brands trusted by consumers aren’t just trendy, they're more valuable. This is because of the “halo effect” that trust and authenticity creates: Trust improves conversion rates across the entire marketing mix, delivering higher ROI on marketing investments. The halo effect is the hidden key that influencers produce and high-growth brands embrace.

Build trust and turn influencers into ambassadors

Imagine: You're in the rush, you've worked on your campaign for months and you've reached out to a dozen of influencers to increase the reach of your campaign. It's the first time you talk to each other. What can you expect from them?

For sure, they'll be able to create something. But will it look authentic? Will it be convincing?

To turn influencers into ambassadors, it's KEY they learn more about your brand, give your products a try, and if they are comfortable with it, recommand your brand to their followers.

Influencers need to learn about your brand, test your products before recommending it to their community: this is how you build trust
building an influencer relationship management

Capssion helps brands create honest and direct connections with influencers

Our set of tools enables brands to nurture and own their influencer relationships. Not only influencers genuinely interested in you can connect with you, but you can also chat with influencers whenever needed, you can check the results of your previous collaborations, you can build groups of influencers to manage them more efficiently (and so many more things).

Each relationship strengthens the overall influencer marketing program, creating a dynamic asset inside the organization and a rich network of authentic content creators and influencers to be used across the marketing mix.

Because Consumers see their favorite influencers talking about a brand regularly, with insider information, they understand that it's not another one-time sponsorship, but a true endorsement. This approach results in genuine content and deeper trust with the consumer.

Ready for Authentic Influencer Marketing? Here's our step-by-step guide

Influencer relationship building can take a lot of time if not processed efficiently. Fortunaltely for you, Capssion developed a set of tools to help brands hit the 6 steps to establishing meaningful connections with influencers and, ultimately, the consumers that follow them.

What can you expect?

Not just a steady stream of organic consumer reach and authentic content, but also a loyal family of brand ambassadors. That's how you'll get a higher ROI.

Identify and recruit social media content creators and influencers that truly love your brand.

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Create a system of record for influencers you have identified. (coming soon)

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Collaborate with those influencers to create genuine, branded content.

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Distribute the branded content through earned social and editorial.

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Evaluate content engagement and performance metrics.

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Repurpose the most engaging content across owned and paid channels to extend reach.

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