The Best Tools for Influencers on Instagram

by Thibault โ€ข

We know it is hard to go from having a casual social media feed to a more professional one. It may seem sometimes that you are miles away from some of the best influencers in your industry and that the gap will be very hard to close.

Even though it may take some effort on your side, we will showcase some simple tools/apps you can start using now for free and that will have an immense impact on the quality of your content and the perception your community has on it. From content editing, to scheduling management, this guide will show you step by step how to improve your game ๐Ÿ˜Š.

1. Curating images

Images are the first thing your community comes in contact with. It is the core of most social media platforms (be it photos or videos). Whether you take photos with your phone, a digital camera or even use a photographer, there are must have editing apps you need to use to easily bring your feed to the next level:


Clearly two of the most professional softwares out there for influencers to use and edit their content. They will bring a level of detail that no other software will as you will be able to tweak your images like a pro. However, they are not easy to pick up and the onboarding to use them to their full potential is quite extensive. If you do not have a license to use Adobe PS, we highly recommend you use this web app that will cover its basic functions:


In terms of ease of use/functionalities, you will hardly find a better app for you out there. Easy to pick up on key features, Canva will be your best ally in creating stunning/professional looking images for your social media feeds in no time. What we love the most with Canva at Capssion, is that its free to use and that you can use it both on desktop and mobile. Wherever you are, you can edit content on the go, and in no time for amazing results. A must-have in our opinion.

2. Curating text

Having good captions is key when posting on social media. They give you authenticity, character and are truly unique to you and the way you engage with your audience. However catch you may think your captions are, you need to make sure that they are using the right keywords for people to find your piece of content and engage with it. We use some of these tools below to make sure our findability is at its best:

EMV Tool

Checks the emotional marketing value of a title. The higher the EMV score is, the better it will perform on social media channels.

Headline Analyzer

This is the best tool in this lot. Regardless of what you know or donโ€™t know about blogging, you will be churning out the best titles for your blog posts.


A comprehensive title generator

3. Finding the right #Hashtags

The key for all you influencers out there who are looking to reach more and more people every day. Clearly, hashtags are some of the easiest ways to attract new profile views and impressions on your content. We highly recommend you use some of the software to find which hashtags are trending so you can attract the highest number of people to your post.


Will help you identify the popularity of a single hashtag and give you other trending hashtags for the same category that are more popular than the one you want to use.


Will help you get the top 10-20 hashtags for a given category. Easy to use and with a copy paste function, definitely a must have a all the Instagram bloggers out there.

4. Getting Stock photos for free

When you will generate miniatures for your latest YouTube videos or when posting a quote on Instagram, you will need to use beautiful high-resolution stock images. We highly recommend using one of these two platforms that have extensive image and video banks you can tap in for free:



5. Managing and scheduling your content

We are busy all the time. Busy generating content for our audiences and we always find the most painful part of social media activities is to post on multiple platforms. We found the solution for you: use some free to use CRMs that will help you plan ahead of time and schedule all your social media activities.

Later App

Spend less time posting to Instagram and more time growing your communities Intuitive and easy to use, you can start scheduling Instagram posts in minutes & preview your feed before you post to create a beautiful Instagram aesthetic. On top of this, auto Publish is available for Instagram business profiles so you donโ€™t have to worry about posting at the right moment.


Acts the same as Later with a slightly different interface and just as effective results.

With the right Instagram tools and proper use, Instagram has the potential of becoming one of the most powerful business platforms. Find the ones that meet your needs, and start improving your social media feed strategy.

Written by Thibault

Thibault is a cofounder of Capssion