Influencers are trendsetters, creating strong brand positioning in your market

by Koussey

Why do you think collaborating with influencers would be beneficial for your brand? Are you looking to position your brand in the market and get visibility, or are you looking to increase your sales?

In my opinion (and based on my experience running an influencer marketing platform for more than 4 years now), the job of influencers is to discover new products (or new brands) and create content on social media to introduce them to their audience. And this results in growing your brand awareness, and sometimes, if you play it well and in the long run, in sales. But, and I think it's important to emphasise on this: the first objective should only be about your brand presence on social media.

Social media influencers ARE trendsetters. They are the ones able to take new products or brands into the eyes of the world to create awareness in the most efficient way. They introduce innovations or styles to the world and, at this stage, they do not necessarily push for sales. This job is becoming increasingly important nowadays, given that more than 1 in 3 consumers use social media to discover or learn about new products or new brands (that's a 43% increase compared to last year!) according to a study from Sprout Social. Needless to say that if you aren’t investing in social media for your brand, you risk getting left behind.

Social media influencers CAN be salespersons. They can influence the act of purchase within their large and attentive audience, but it usually takes time: they need to talk about your brand regularly and repeatedly to build legitimacy. Only then, followers will start considering purchasing a product. And if you have a good discount, it will convert into sales!

Here's why influencers do a great job at setting trends.

They have a loyal audience.

Sure, celebrities have a greater fan base from a wide demography, but do people really relate to them? Influencers are social media personalities. They are the person next door that have built their audience thanks to the qualify of content they provide, the information they share, the type of brands they talk about. They have successfully built an army of knowledge-hungry, loyal followers who trust their judgements and positions.

More Engagement

Views and likes do not translate to real publicity. Engagement is what keeps a trend in the minds of viewers and influencers are experts at maintaining regular and direct communication with their followers. They are open and available to engage with their followers.

Influencers have a stake in their marketing

Influencers are mostly niche experts. They have a reputation to protect, hence followers can mostly trust their recommendations and product offering. In a way, they are liable or responsible for the decisions that their followers make based on their own choices. Hence, they are bound to maintain integrity and transparency.

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Written by Koussey

Koussey is a cofounder of Capssion