How to create an influencer community

by Thibault β€’

Too many brands enter the influencer space with a short-term plan, or short-term objectives and engage in one-off collaborations with influencers. I have personally never seen any brand be successful with this modus operandi.

When we look at successful brands on social media, we can see that they all have one thing in common when it comes to the way they work with influencers: they are continuously building their influencer community and making sure they repeatedly work with the people that echo their values and represent well their ideal customer. On this blog post, I will share the necessary steps to create a true community of influencers and why it’s so important for your brand to thrive on social media.

1- Identify the influencers who stand out on their first collaboration

When you launch your first few brand campaigns, you will have to collaborate with a large number of influencers to get started. Define in advance what is important to you as a brand and you will very easily be able to identify your top performers. In your first campaigns, we usually like to spot the individuals who have exceptional content quality, very high volume of comments/community direct interactions, or even influencers that were extremely professional with little to no supervision. These 3 elements are a great foundation to get going an start putting some names on your community sheet.

2- Manage your influencers by lists, not as a whole

manage your influencer by country list

Some brands manage their influencer community as a whole, irrelevant on where they are in the world. We found that managing them by country is an amazing start to personalize your message and tone of voice. Most influencers, big or small, know each other from attending brand events, or simply following and supporting each other on social media. This is why we love when brands engage the influencers from the same country together, because it also creates a group dynamic and will give your campaigns a momentum.

3- Engage with them on a personal level

Influencers are now advertisers promoting your brand on a regular basis. As any third-party professional, they need to know when they are doing a good job. Do not hesitate to message them and speak with them 1 on 1, even in private and not via a post comment, to congratulate them on their latest post. Bonding is so important. You should nurture your influencers and make sure they know how happy you are to be working with them. Getting additional feedback outside of the post they will generate for you is also an amazing way to bond with your influencers. Message them to understand if they enjoy working with you, if everything was alright: from the speed they received your products, to how well protected the items were, how pretty the packaging was, how easy it was to know what to say about the product or how to use it and of course how good the actual product is for them. So many discussions that should be happening in the shadows and that you can utilize further down the line.

Engage with influencers on a personal basis

4- Pay fairly, regularly and reliably

Last but not least, make sure the influencers who are in your inner circle are treated well. It might seem basic to say this but you want to make sure you are a brand that influencers are excited to work for. Make sure you know what a fair market price on the deliverables you are asking for is in the country you are operating. Make sure you pay those deliverables as soon as possible after the job is completed. And make sure you are responsive at all stages of the collaboration to answer questions influencers might have about your brand, the product or service they have to promote or anything around the campaign details.

The time and money you invest in creating a community that has your back is priceless. You will find that your brand and company will gain more than just social media posts out of this process but a feeling you can take on the world, one country at a time.

Written by Thibault

Thibault is a cofounder of Capssion