How Brands Are Improving Sales During This Christmas Festivity

by Koussey

It is few days to the Christmas and New year celebration and almost every retail business is looking forward to improved sales figure during this period. But while businesses are always at the forefront of the show with advertisements, promo packages and several other promotional activities, not all these businesses end up earning substantial ROI from their investment in social media marketing during the period.

Why? The over saturation of advert eventually get viewers repulsive to any more ads and even the most sparkling Christmas ad may not even resonate with buyers or get their attention for more than 2 seconds. Feeds are busy, content is much, hence, content blindness begins to develop among audience. Basically, at this time of the year, they have their guards up and ready to 'close' every advert. As a result, much is spent on creating awareness but only little revenue is achieved.

Yet, influencer marketing remains one of the best ways to reach consumers with news about your products and promo offers. Here's why:

Social Ads are getting less effective

Why invest in costly social ads when users are getting better at tuning them out with ad blockers? I'll agree that influencer marketing can be equally costly, especially if you'd like to work with celebrities (but if you are considering micro influencers, it can be VERY cost-efficient - if not free - with influencer marketing platforms like Capssion), but the you’re definitely getting more out of it than a simple paid ad.

Transferred Goodwill

Depending on your choice of influencers, the goodwill of your influencer and the connection that has been built with their audience will give your brand a safe landing in their hearts and propel them to take actions. Sales will not only rest on the strength of your marketing content or investment, but also the weight of trust and loyalty that your influencer has built over time.

Content that catch the eye of your potential buyers

Influencers know exactly what their followers are looking for and they will always do their best to provide only the best and the most informative content to them. They'll basically reach their followers’ social feeds in a much more precise and effective way than a social ad will.

Retargeting that makes sense

Now, you can even be more effective: you just have to collaborate repeatedly with your influencers. The more you work together, the more influencers will learn about your brand and your products, and the more impactful the content will be. Plus, their audience will get used to seeing your brand on their feeds and they will understand that it's not just a "one-off" collaboration, but a real partnership and that the influencer truly love what you do.

Content that can be shared more easily

So, with influencer marketing, chances are that your marketing will hit better because unlike general strategies, information is communicated to loyalists. And guess what? It may even go as far as sharing information about your brand to their friends, colleagues, and neighbours while discussing plans for the festivity or giving advises (this is however dependent on the quality of your message and channel).

In conclusion, one thing that we always advise brands to do during this festive period is to extend the frame of period for which their marketing campaign will run. Ensure that your content is flexible enough to remain relevant during the weeks before and after the holiday. These periods are very critical in determining sales.

This is because some customers have a culture of deferring purchases until after the holiday or buying well before the holiday sets in. And most brands do not factor this into consideration when crafting their marketing strategy for the holiday. Leverage this information and ensure that your campaign does not leave people within this category out and you will have more robust sales records.

Written by Koussey

Koussey is a cofounder of Capssion