No Pricing Manifesto

by Koussey

Learning with you, not at your expense

Capssion aims to become the upwork for content creation. In order to accelerate our development, we’ve decided to review our pricing.

Capssion is now free to use

We’ve been thinking about it for a few months and you may be surprised by this decision. This is why we wrote this manifesto.

Setting the scene.

When we started Capssion two years ago, we decided to go with the obvious pricing model: bill our clients based on their usage, with a fee for each collaboration initiated on Capssion. As a company, our main KPI was our Monthly Revenue. With this per-collaboration pricing model, we were incentivised to work with big companies looking to collaborate with hundreds of social media content creators within a short period of time.

What we’ve learnt

Our experience with early pilots and paying customers helped us prove that companies were getting value from Capssion and were ready to pay for it. This was a huge win for the project. However, we realised that the way we used to approach the market was not optimal.

While more and more mature companies were showing a genuine interest in Capssion’s value proposition, we were creating friction for smaller brands and startups. This was leading to a weaker adoption within smaller teams.

This friction was not the mere result of our pricing: all companies are operating with limited resources. The main reason is that lots of startups do not have the capacity to think long term and put in place their digital content strategy. As a result, they are less likely to understand the full value proposition of Capssion.

We’re convinced that using Capssion from day one can bring great value and help structure the digital presence on social media networks. This is why we try to make Capssion a no-brainer solution for any company wanting to start social media content marketing. The decision to make early companies pay for Capssion was not aligned with this vision.

Time for a shift in focus

This experience, as well as the discussions we had in Hong Kong, Singapore , Kuala Lumpur, Manilla and Paris with successful tech companies and advice from investors we met led us to this conclusion: trying to convert startups into paying customers is not the best choice for our long-term vision.

It does not make sense to focus on profitability when you’re addressing a market that has not been cracked yet. Don’t get me wrong: we know that profitability is key to building a serious business. We’ve already proven that companies understand the value of our product and are ready to pay for it. My point is that today, focusing on monthly revenue is only slowing us down.

Instead, we should focus on engaging even more teams to use Capssion. It will help us to secure a leading expertise and build a product people love to use.

Going after the big fish

We have tons of ideas on how to make Capssion profitable in the long run, some more obvious than others. Third party integrations or seats, additional data are a few examples of both exciting and needed features that we’re in a prime position to address. With Capssion in the hands of many, we’re confident that we will find fair and clever ways to monetise our product in the future.

For the time being, only customers that needs to more fire power or with highly specific requirements (additional seats, SLA, dedicated implementation team, VIP support, etc.) will be discussing with our sales team, working toward agreements that are mutually beneficial. For any professional that wants to give Capssion a try, it will be for free, with close to no limitations!

We are giving out Capssion for free, to empower brands with a frictionless marketplace.

Be sure that we’ll be as transparent as possible with our current and future users regarding this decision. We want to learn with you, not at your expense. This means we’ll be extremely cautious when rolling out paying features, and will make sure there’s always a way to stick with a free option for a regular use of our admin interface.

We’re excited to get even more feedback from you to make our product even better!

Written by Koussey

Koussey is a cofounder of Capssion