Content is King

by Koussey โ€ข

According to a study that analysed 7.5 million Instagram posts, 260 campaigns, and 2,200 TikTok influencers (undertaken by Obviously), there has been a 33% increase in the influencer-curated photo and video content as opposed to regular content by production agencies.

The truth is that content creation is a lot of work.

The work of strategising, creating, editing, posting, and evaluating is a big deal. And the bigger issue is in the ever-changing and ever-demanding dynamics of the social media terrain. In the world of social media, it takes only a blink for the birth of a new trend and an entire lifetime to get a hang of it (That was a hyperbolic statement though). And with social media, you either always get it right or not. Hence, you have to continuously post winning and relevant content to stay afloat with algorithms and competition. Present trends have seen the enthronement of content as king. And even customers who were once referred to as king, now dance to the tune of content.

Content is King

But in present times, most brands (even top brands) do not understand the time and effort as well as the cost that goes into the actual content creation and management process. Do you know why? This is because of the cushioning effect that influencer marketing now gives. Influencer marketers take on a part of the burden of content creation and this takes the considerable weight off the shoulders of the brands.

Since the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, there has been a shift from content created by Creative Agencies to influencer-generated content. And predictions are that this trend will be around for much longer. It has opened the eyes of brands to all the benefits it has to offer and the edge it has over content curated by agencies.

Content that Resonates

What is better than having social media experts create your content? They understand their audience better than you, your creative agency, or anyone for that matter. Content created by influencers has a better chance of resonating with your target market better. So, you not only get words about your brand to the right audience, you do this effectively by speaking in a language that resonates within that audience.

Improved Value for Less

Obviously's research revealed that, with the adoption of influencer content marketing, brands have saved more than 50% of their normal creative costs on average. And even with the reduction in the cost of content creation, there was a 40% increase in ad performance when compared to ads from production studios.

Therefore, influencer content marketing offers a higher chance of content success and yet at half the cost of creator agencies. What else does a better job of describing cost-effectiveness?

Native Content

Native content ranks more for SEO and people than posts that direct the audience to an external link. While content made by creative agencies may require buyers to visit your website, content from influencer marketers are more conclusive. Hence, they help customers make a buying decision at the instant.

Not only does this drown out certain distractions that may hinder the buyer from making a closed purchase deal, but it also makes for quickly concluded responses from buyers. And not just that. Instagram and other social media platforms rank native content above others. Hence, your post has a better chance of reaching more people within your audience.

In essence, curb the use of bland content from stock image libraries as an alternative for quality studio assets. You can achieve quality with less. Especially now that content is needed in large volumes to be in the faces of your audience. Capssion can give you a shot at quality and affordable content, at scale! Ready?

Written by Koussey

Koussey is a cofounder of Capssion