Building real connections - Capssion Chat is live

by Koussey

Capssion just released a new feature: the Chat!

Communication is key. This is true for all relationships, especially in the world of influencer marketing. The best 1:1 relationships happen when the brand thinks about building real connections with real people.

It’s crucial for brands and influencers to engage directly with one another. However, most influencer marketing platforms allow very little, if any, contact between the two parties: the campaign process is distilled to an unpersonalized business transaction, and influencers and brands never exchange a single word. And this ends up dramatically affecting the efficiency and success of influencer marketing campaigns.

“We are inviting ‘influencer marketers’ to add value to their work and to their companies by thinking more holistically and approaching engagement and relationships with influencers” — Paul Armstrong, Forbes The Future Of Influencer Relations Is…Influencer Marketing.

Why should brands and influencers chat?

People love a live chat feature. In fact, Zendesk revealed that 92% of customers feel satisfied when they use a live chat feature and that it's rated higher than any other communication form (including email and phone calls).

A study found that brands who communicate directly with influencers increase their campaign productivity by more than 20%, reducing their campaign process by up to 2 weeks! Every once in a while, we send our community of influencers a survey to learn more about their needs, and we found out that influencers rated the chat feature as one of their most needed features on Capssion.

After a couple of months of development, we are proud to announce you that our Chat is live, both on the website and mobile apps!

5 Key Benefits:

  • Create connections — build long-lasting personalised relationships and brand loyalty with influencers for future collaborations.

  • Save time — manage campaigns more efficiently with quick and easy communication.

  • Increase influencer satisfaction — allow influencers to be heard and answered with personalised messages, making the process more collaborative.

  • Gain product feedback — gain valuable feedback directly from the consumer regarding what they liked or didn’t like about the product. Customers want to provide their opinion if they know it’s being heard.

  • Tap into influencer insight — extract insight directly from influencers about current campaigns and modify future campaign strategies accordingly.

Why You Need Chat:

As a brand: your product availability may change, your shipping may become delayed, or you may want to discuss their photos. As an influencer: you may want to adjust your product selection, update your shipping address, or inquire about product sizing.

By allowing these questions to be answered directly, the efficiency and speed of campaigns are increased drastically.

Starting your own influencer marketing program can be hard and scary, contact us at if you need any help!

Written by Koussey

Koussey is a cofounder of Capssion